There are lots of reasons people take singing lessons...a dream of performing for crowds, wanting to melt faces at karaoke, not being embarrassed when singing in the shower... But the common goal is finding your voice and creating a sound you love.

My studio is designed to create a space where that process is comfortable and fun. Lessons will start wherever you’re at and go at your own pace towards your goals. 

I was trained at the School of Creative Arts in Sydney, Australia and specialize in pop and indie rock. I'm from an extremely musical family and have always loved singing. I lived in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the US of A growing up and then moved to Sydney to study music.

I've been running a vocal studio in San Diego for the past few years and have now relocated to NYC.

Finding a vocal coach you really connect with is so important in your musical process, so feel free to call, text or email if you have any questions!